Sunday, February 19, 2017

Globe Telecom Promo: Make #ThePlan Happen!

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Join Globe Telecom's Promo and Win and bring #ThePLAN you want to life! Just by sharing with them #ThePLAN you've been wanting to achieve.

How to Join:

1. Tell Globe #ThePLAN that you want to happen. It can be with a photo, a video, a screenshot from any app or a recording of what you want to achieve.
2. Tweet your plan at @enjoyGLOBE with the hashtag #ThePLAN.
   Ex. #ThePLAN is to bring my lola out on a date with lolo! @enjoyGLOBE 
3. Make sure to set your profile to public. 
4. Entries will be judged with the following criteria:
- 40% creativity - 40% depth - 20% engagement (likes, replies, shares)

5. Winners will be selected and announced on:
- February 27 - March 6 - March 13 
6. Prizes are transferable but are not convertible to cash. 

More Info here

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The SM Store Beauty Section: So Much Red 14 Days Of Red Hot Deals Promo

So Much Red promo, SM store beauty promo, deals

The SM Store Beauty Section is currently having an awesome promo in which they will give huge discounts on different brands of beauty products for 14 days. Check below for their schedule:

February 1

BYS                    30% off          All Liquid Velvet Lipsticks
Essence             33% off          Selected Lip Products
Catrice              40% off          Selected Lip Products

February 2

Shawill             50% off           Top Lip SKUs
Jordana           50% off           Holiday Red & Lipstick Brown

February 3

Ever Bilena     40% off           Advanced Supreme Lipsticks

February 4

L’Oreal             50% off           12 Lipsticks SKUs
Maybelline      50% off           14 Lipsticks SKUs

February 5

Revlon              25% off           Selected Lip Products
Golden Rose   40% off           Selected Lip Products

February 6

Nichido            50% off           Selected Matte Lipsticks
Flormar           50% off           Supermatte Lipstick 20 or 21

February 7

Nichido            50% off          Selected Lipshine Lipsticks
Deborah          50% off          Absolute L/S 08 or Lasting Liquid L/S 10

February 8

Ever Bilena     40% off          Advance Supreme Matic L/S
Absolute NY   50% off          Ultra Slick L/S All Shades

February 9

Nichido           50% off           Selected Matte Lipsticks
Pink Sugar     50% off           CM Lipstick Diva

February 10

LA Girl            50% off           Selected Matte Pigment Lipgloss

February 11

NYX                50% off           Matte Lipsticks - Eden Only
Body Shop     50% off           Selected Items

February 12

Covergirl        50% off           Colorlicious Lipsticks

February 13

Nichido          50% off           HD Matte Lipsticks
Nicka K          50% off           HQ Matte Lipsticks (selected shades)

February 14

Ever Bilena   40% off           EB Matte Lipsticks (selected shades)

Visit your nearest SM Beauty Store to catch this awesome deal!