Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“Yaman sa Kalusugan” Safeguard “Yaman sa Kalinisan” Ariel “Yaman sa Kaputian” Tide

Win up to P1 million in cash prizes just buy specially marked Safeguard “Yaman sa Kalusugan” promo packs, Ariel “Yaman sa Kalinisan” promo packs and Tide “Yaman sa Kaputian” promo packs. Just check the text inside the pack.

If you are one of the lucky winners, with a winning pack, text the following to 2910: SFG, name, age, address, unique promo code. A confirmation message will be sent: where to claim cash prize or if e-load winnings have been transferred to one’s cell phone.

To claim prize, present winning Safeguard pack, SMS reply from 2910 that states your prize and how you can claim it, any two valid IDs and SIM card with which the entry was made.

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