Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PCSO lotto Cheating Winning Bettors?

 I started betting in PCSO for almost 7 years now and I bet regularly thinking that I can win the jackpot prize and help people at the same time. From time to time I win fourth prize to third price and I go home very happy with my winnings. But all changed last week when I won 3rd price from a winning ticket in 6/49 Superlotto, I've already won 3rd prize multiple times in 6/49 and if I can remember it right I always get Php 1,000 fixed.

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I checked PCSO website for the amount of winnings and their website states that the winning for 6/49 Superlotto for Third Prize is = Up to Php 2,000.00. In my mind, since it was increased I can get Php 1,000 and above but to my shock when the lotto outlet validated the ticket it only reflected Php 700. I know the Php 300 difference is not much but it's still Php 300 and I can buy a lot of things with it. I also felt cheated since I always get Php 1,000 before.
I've done my researched online and found out that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) implemented on May 17 a new prizestructure for its popular lotto games.

The report said that PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II changes the prize structure “address an increasing demand for PCSO medical- and healthcare-related assistance, especially in the previously underserved areas of the country in the Visayas and Mindanao.”

But I thought the PCSO has a lot of money since there are millions of Filipino bettors, and from the time of Erap to GMA PCSO has been earning a lot and helping a lot of people and I didn't heard any news that they are losing money. But now in the "Tuwid na Daan" term it seems that there are more corruption and it seems that the government only purpose is to collect money from the people and offer pathetic service or no service at all. I'm not anti-PNoy, but honestly this is the worst government I have ever experienced.

The report also said:

"The new prize structure was arrived at after long and careful study of methods that would increase the amount allotted to the Charity Fund from revenues."

What charity are you talking about is this charity? "Aquino hijacked PCSO’s and other GOCCs’ profits"
"The minimum jackpot prizes were doubled for two of the games: for Lotto 6/42, from P3 million to P6 million; and for the Mega Lotto 6/45, from P4.5 million to P9 million.

As a consequence, the price per combination of these two games was pegged at P20 from P10."

They increase the price from P10 to P20 but decrease the winning prize.

"The prize structure of the second to fourth prizes of all the Lotto games were altered. For the second and third prizes, a pari-mutuel system was adopted wherein the prizes reflect the total sales pool for that particular draw.

Under such a system, the higher the sales, the higher the possible second to third prizes may be, unlike before when they were fixed."

How are we suppose to know that the sales are higher? PCSO don't show any proof! 

"Players may, in fact, be able to win higher prizes than before. For the second prizes: Lotto 6/42 was fixed at P20,000, but a player may now win up to P25,000; for Mega Lotto 6/45, fixed at P23,000 but may now be as high as P50,000; Super Lotto 6/49, fixed at P56,000 but now up to P70,000; and Grand Lotto 6/55, fixed at P150,000 but now up to P200,000.

Similarly, for the third prizes: Lotto 6/42, from fixed at P500, now may be as high as P1,000; Mega Lotto 6/45, fixed at P600 but now up to P1,500; Super Lotto 6/49, fixed at P1,000 but now up to P2,000; and Grand Lotto 6/55, fixed at P2,000 but now up to P3,000."

In reality we are not winning higher prizes, in fact the prizes are lower than ever!

So don't be surprise if you win P2,000 and only get P500 for it. "Daang Matuwid" government is working for you!

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