Sunday, October 19, 2014

BPI Credit Card Promo: Shop Anywhere Free Jollibee

BPI Credit Card Promo, Shop Anywhere Free Jollibee, BPI Credit Card Jollibee

BPI Credit Card Promo, Shop Anywhere Free Jollibee, BPI Credit Card Jollibee

Shop anywhere and share unlimited joys this season with BPI and Jollibee. BPI credit cardholder can enjoy free treats from Jollibee within the promo period for a minimum single receipt transaction of P2,500, P6,000 or P12,000 at any merchant. Transaction should be approved through a point-of-sale terminal. Cash advance transactions are also qualified.

Promo period is from October 15, 2014 to January 31, 2015.
Required Minimum Single Receipt Transaction
Jollibee Food Items
  • 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Rice & Gravy OR
  • 1 Jolly Spaghetti + 1 Regular Yum
  • 2 Orders of 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Rice & Gravy + 2 Zert Pie (Peach Mango) OR 
  • Happy Plus Card with P100 Load (plus P250 Food Coupon)    
  • 6-Piece Chickenjoy Bucket + 3 Plain Rice OR
  • Happy Plus Card with P300 Load (plus P250 food coupon)


1. Here's how to redeem the free food items from Jollibee, cardholder must send his qualified credit card transaction details on the charge slip to 2256 using the format below:

IM BPICARD REG Card Number (Last 4 Digits)/Approval Code/Transaction Date (MMDDYY)/Transaction Amount*

Example: IM BPICARD REG 1234/R56789/101514/2500.00

* For BPI Express Credit MasterCard foreign-denominated transactions, cardholder must text-in its Peso  value equivalent.

SMS charge of P2.50 per text applies.

2. Cardholder will receive a text message to confirm receipt of his redemption entry.

3. Once the redemption entry is validated, you will receive a mobile coupon through a text message within two (2) banking days from the text message redemption entry date. If you did not qualify for redemption, you will be notified through text.  Mobile coupon will be sent to the mobile number used for the redemption entry.

4. To get your free food items from Jollibee you will need to present the Text message mobile coupon to any participating Jollibee store nationwide.  You cannot redeem your free food items without it.

5. One (1) mobile coupon is equivalent to one (1) free food item.  Each mobile coupon can only be used once.

6. You can forward the text message mobile coupon to share it to other person, friends, or family if you like.

Redemption is from October 27, 2014 to April 1, 2015.

You are allowed UNLIMITED redemption per day, per store.

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  1. After sending the text and also got a reply that my coupon will send after two days, still 3 weeks has passed but no coupon. I already emailed them but still no coupon. I texted another transaction slip but still no coupon even after so many days.
    Why not just surrender the slip to the merchant lie before.