Monday, November 17, 2014

Unilever and ABS-CBN: Hooray sa Sachet Promo Mechanics

Unilever and ABS-CBN: Hooray sa Sachet Promo Mechanics, Hooray sa Sachet Promo, Philippines promo

Want to win thousand of cash prizes? Join the Unilever and ABS-CBN Hooray sa Sachet Promo!

Here is how to join:

- Collect proof-of-purchase of participating products Surf, Knorr, Sunsilk, and Rexona.
- Write your Name, Complete Home Address, Contact Number, and Signature in a piece of paper

    Complete Home Address
    Contact Number

- Place the piece of paper with your details and the proof-of-purchase in a legal-sized envelope, write the following details at the back of the envelope:

    Promo Title
    Date when you drop your entries

    Hooray sa Sachet
    November 15, 2014

PROOF-OF PURCHASE that you can use:

        Two (2) empty sachets of Surf Powders, 65g or 82g
        Two (2) empty sachets of Surf Fabcon, 30ml
        Two (2) empty sachets of Knorr Cubes Singles
        One (1) empty box of Knorr Cubes 60g or 120g, any variant
        One (1) empty sachet of Knorr Sinigang Original 20g
        One (1) empty sachet of Knorr Sinigang sa Gabi 22g
        Two (2) empty sachets of Sunsilk any variant
        One (1) empty sachet of any Rexona 3ml Deo-lotion variant

- Drop your entries in drop boxes located in the following ABS-CBN Stations:

    ABS-CBN TV Quezon City

Luzon Participating Stations:

    ABS-CBN TV 7 Laoag
    ABS-CBN TV 3 Baguio
    ABS-CBN TV 11 Naga

Visayas Participating Stations:

    ABS-CBN TV 3 Cebu
    ABS-CBN TV 4 Bacolod
    ABS-CBN TV 10 Iloilo
    ABS-CBN TV 2 Tacloban

Mindanao Participating Stations

    ABS-CBN TV 4 Davao
    ABS-CBN TV 3 General Santos
    ABS-CBN TV 11 Butuan
    ABS-CBN TV 3 Zambales

You can win their Daily Draws of Php 2,500. There will be Four (4) Grand winners of Php 150,000. Prizes are TAX-FREE!


    Daily Draw – 1,440 winners of Php 2,500
    Grand Draw – 4 Grand Winners of Php 150,000 TAX FREE

You can send your entries from October 20 to November 30, 2014. Deadline of Promo November 30,2014


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