Saturday, December 20, 2014

7-eleven Seven Numbers of Christmas Promo

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Hey 7-eleven fans, want to win P1 million? Join the 7-eleven's Seven Numbers of Christmas Promo! Just use your "Every Day! Rewards app or card on every time you purchase at any 7-Eleven stores nationwide. If you accumulate or a single purchase worth P50 is equals to one (1) point.

Just Download the "Every Day! Rewards app" on your mobile or on the 7-Eleven website, go to the "Seven Numbers of Christmas Promo" and choose 6 numbers from numbers 1 to 30 you cannot choose the number 7 (it’s a lucky bonus number!).  You need at least 1 point in your account then have your card or app scanned when you purchased anything at 7-eleven. Every P50 is 1 point. Every point can be used to redeem a 7 Numbers Promo Entry.  Each ticket will be considered as a raffle entry where winners will be drawn on Weekly and Grand Draws.

The Cash prizes that you can win for the those who can Guess the correct Numbers Weekly are: P100,000 1st week, P200,000 2nd week, P300,000 3rd week, P500,000 4th week, P700,000 5th week, P900,000 6th week, and P1,100,000 7th week.

If there are no winners in a given week, the prize money for that week will be carried over to the following week. There will also be 11 weekly winners of Samsung Galaxy TabS for 7 weeks, 30 Weekly winners of P10,000 for 7weeks. Grand Draw, you can win P1.5 million, P1 million, and P500,000!

Promo Period: November 26, 2014 - January 20, 2015

Weekly Raffle
1st week (December 1-6)
2nd week (December 7-13)
3rd week (December 1-20)
4th week (December 21-27)
5th week (December 28-January 3)
6th week (January 4-10)
7th week (January 11-17)

Here are the prizes:
For the "Guess The Number Weekly Promo"
1st week - P100,000
2nd week - P200,000
3rd week - P300,000
4th week - P500,000
5th week - P700,000
6th week - P900,000
7th week - P1,100,000

For the Weekly Raffle:
11 Winners of Samsung Galaxy Tab S
30 Winners of P10,000

For the Grand Raffle:
1 Winner of P1.5 Million
1 Winner of P1 Million
1 Winner of P500,000

You care read more details at 7-11 Facebook page

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