Sunday, June 21, 2015

EastWest Bank Promo: Earn 2.75% from your cash with EastWest's Summer Special

EastWest Bank Promo

Summer is not yet over for EastWest Bank with their EastWest's Summer Special promo for Deposit. From now up to July 31, 2015, you can still earn up to 2.75% per annum on your deposits with EastWest, even higher than they yields on time deposits. Be wise and get more from your funds by putting them in your EastWest accounts.

The promo is open to EastWest depositors as of March 31, 2015.

"Our bank has been performing very well. Our assets grew by 32% last year, our deposits expanded by 33%, and our loans increased by 29%. This is our way of thanking our valued customers," EastWest senior executive vice president and head of retail banking Gerry Susmerano said.

During the promo period, qualified EastWest depositors will get the equivalent of a 2.5% gross return p.a. in rewards in addition to the standard 0.25% interest rate on deposits in their current and savings accounts.

Qualified depositors will earn 100 EW promo reward points for every P60,000 aggregate incremental monthly average daily balance in their peso current and savings accounts with EastWest. Each EW promo reward point is equal to Php 1.00. The rewards are redeemable through EW gift card.

To take advantage of the offer and maximize your yields, put all your cash in your EastWest checking and savings accounts during the promo period. The offer is open to both individuals and corporations.

the qualified aggregate increment in the month-to-date-average-daily-balance will be computed at the end of each promo month based on the depositor's highest aggregate month-to-date-average-daily-balance from March 31, 2015 until the month prior to the EastWest Promo Rewards reckoning month.

EastWest's Summer Deposit Promo is governed by the terms and conditions approved by DTI. For more information, please go to


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