Thursday, April 7, 2016

BPI Express Credit Card Classic - Discontinued

BPI Express Credit Classic Cards, BPI Credit cards

BPI Credit Cards will be discontinuing the issuance of BPI Express Credit Classic Cards. If you own one you will get an automatic upgrade to BPI Express Credit MasterCard. This comes with a ONE YEAR FREE annual membership fee. Your supplementary cards, if you have any will also be automatically upgraded.

Your earned Real Thrills Rewards points will be accumulated to your new card. Any unbilled purchases and unpaid balances made on your BPI Express Credit Classsic will be payable at existing interest rates and payment terms.

BPI Express Credit Classic:

Annual Fee    :    P 1,250
Finance Charge    :    2.75%
Annual Fee for 1st Supplementary    :    Free for life
Annual Fee for 2nd to 6th Supplementary

BPI Gold MasterCard: The Premium Card

Annual Fee: P 2250
Annual Fee for 1st Supplementary: Free for Life
Annual Fee for 2nd to 6th Supplementary: P 1125
Finance Charge: 3.40%
Annual Income Requirement: P480,000
Real Thrills Rewards Points: P35 = 1 point
FREE Travel Insurance package of up to 10 million*
24/7 Customer Service through BPI Express Phone and MasterCard’s Global Service
Cash Advance of up to 100% of your credit limit
Worldwide Acceptance

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