Sunday, February 19, 2017

Globe Telecom Promo: Make #ThePlan Happen!

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Join Globe Telecom's Promo and Win and bring #ThePLAN you want to life! Just by sharing with them #ThePLAN you've been wanting to achieve.

How to Join:

1. Tell Globe #ThePLAN that you want to happen. It can be with a photo, a video, a screenshot from any app or a recording of what you want to achieve.
2. Tweet your plan at @enjoyGLOBE with the hashtag #ThePLAN.
   Ex. #ThePLAN is to bring my lola out on a date with lolo! @enjoyGLOBE 
3. Make sure to set your profile to public. 
4. Entries will be judged with the following criteria:
- 40% creativity - 40% depth - 20% engagement (likes, replies, shares)

5. Winners will be selected and announced on:
- February 27 - March 6 - March 13 
6. Prizes are transferable but are not convertible to cash. 

More Info here

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