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Coca-Cola Milyun-Milyong Caravan of Surprises Promo

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Participating Brands:

Coca-Cola Regular- Sakto, 8oz, 12oz,  750ml, 1L
Sprite - 8oz, 12oz, 750ml, 1L
Royal - 8oz, 12oz, 750ml, 1L
Sparkle - 240ml, 800ml


1. Promo period is from October 1 to December 29, 2013

    October 1, 2013 -  Media Break Date and Start date for sending entries
    November 4, 2013 -  1st Weekly Raffle and every Mondays until Dec. 30, 2013
    December 29, 2013 – Last day of sending entries
    December 30, 2013 – Last Weekly Raffle

2. The promotion is open to subscribers of Smart, Sun, and Globe both in post-paid or pre-paid plans, who are residents of the Philippines. Text message entry requires compatible mobile phone with text messaging and data service. Some restrictions apply.


4. To participate in the promotion, consumers must purchase any of the participating brands and text-in the promo code that can be found under the crowns and caps of the participating products above.

5. TO JOIN, Consumers must  simply text in his/her entries using the following format:
         COKE   to 2653 Example:             COKE 1234ABC to 2653

  For each entry sent, the participant will be charged by their mobile phone service provider a load/text fee of P1.00 for Smart, Globe and Sun subscribers. Consumers must use regular load, unlimited text promos do not apply.

6. Consumers will then receive a message for a ONE-TIME registration in the format below.

 COKE REG // to 2653  Example:  COKE REG Melissa Santiago/26/ 18 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City

Registration is FREE-of-charge. After registration, a confirmation message will be sent to the consumer acknowledging his/her registration. There can only be one official registered participant per mobile phone number.

7. A valid entry should consist of the ff:

  • Prior and proper completion of the One-Time Registration
  • A valid and current mobile phone number from SMART, GLOBE, or SUN
  • Participants name to validate the promo code (Participants name should be the same as the officially registered participant’s name per number 6 above for the specified mobile phone number)
  • A valid promo code generated by the official service provider of Coca-Cola for this promotion*
  • A valid and official cap or crown of the participating products with item d) above.
* All promo codes will be submitted to FDA sealed. This will only be opened when a consumer complaint arises..

8. Registered consumers will be allowed to text-in as many valid entries as they can during the promo period. To note:

  • Each entry is valid for all draws until the cut-off date or until it wins
  • All non-winning entries automatically qualify for the succeeding draws.
*Cut-off for sending entries for the weekly draws is every Sundays at 11:59pm until Dec. 29, 2013

a)      RAFFLE PRIZES: Participants who text-in valid entries have a chance to win Coca-Cola Mega Surprise Boxes with any one of the following inside:
        Php 1,000,000 CASH (2 winners)
        CAR (2 winners)  (convertible to cash amounting to Php1M)
        HOUSE & LOT from AVIDA (4 winners)  (convertible to cash amounting to Php1M)
        GROCERY SHOPPING SPREE (2 winners) worth Php 1M (convertible to cash amounting to Php1M)
        KABUHAYAN SHOWCASE (JEEPNEY)  / CAPITAL FUND (1 winner) (convertible to cash amounting to Php1M)
        EDUCATIONAL SHOWCASE (1 winner)   (convertible to cash amounting to Php1M)

 *Brands and exact specifications of the items in the Mega Surprise Boxes shall be selected and determined at the sole discretion of Coca-Cola Far East Limited (CCFEL).

b)      INSTANT PRIZES:  Millions of  FREE LOAD

     A valid promo code sent has a chance to win FREE Load. The free load will coincide with the consumers current telco supplier. FREE LOAD:

a)      From a Single Serve Crown (Sakto, 8oz, 12oz, 240ml) = Php 15 Load
b)      From a Multi-Serve Cap (750ml, 800ml, 1L) = Php 30 Load

    Consumers will automatically receive a notification of Free Load once a valid winning promo code is sent

November 4
November 11
November 18
November 25
December 2
December 9
December 16
December 23
December 30

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