Saturday, April 16, 2016

Metrobank Credit Card Promo: Enjoy a 50% OFF At Two Seasons Boracay

Two Seasons Boracay, Metrobank Credit card promo

Enjoy twice the paradise in Boracay Island at Two Seasons Boracay Resort at half the price. Available from Mondays to Sundays. Extra adult and child rates are excluded in the promo. Based on the published rate and subject to room availability. For reservations, call 410-2075 to 80.

Two Seasons Boracay is located Off Boracay Highway Central, this relaxed beachfront resort is 2 km from Bulabog Beach and 9 km from Godofredo P. Ramos Airport.

Metrobank Credit Card included in the Promo: Metrobank Femme Signature Visa
Promo Period: April 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016

Promo Mechanics:

1. The (“Promo”) at Two Seasons Boracay shall run from April 1 to October 31, 2016 (“Promo Period”).
2. The Promo is open to existing and newly approved principal and supplementary Metrobank Femme
Signature Visa cardholders who avail of the room accommodations at Two Seasons Boracay during the
Promo Period.
3. Metrobank Femme Signature Visa Cardholders (“Cardholders”) are entitled to 50% discount on total bill
when they avail of the room accommodations at Two Seasons Boracay and use their Metrobank
Femme Signature Visa to pay.
4. This promo offer is valid for all room types at Two Seasons Boracay and is subject to room availability
based on the best local residents rate from Mondays to Sundays.
5. Service charge, Tax and VAT charges shall be excluded in the promo. Therefore, the transaction
amount, which is the basis of the discount, shall not include these charges.
6. Metrobank Femme Signature Visa cardholders are entitled to a maximum discount of Php15,000 for
Two Seasons Boracay per single-receipt transaction for the 50% discount promo. A maximum of two
(2) transactions per cardholder will be allowed in the duration of the promo.
7. Splitting of a single transaction for the purpose of availing multiple discounts is prohibited.
8. Should it be proven that a cardholder was able to enjoy multiple discounts without adhering to the
above mechanics, the total amount of the bill shall be charged by MCC to the cardholder’s credit card
account. Note that a supplementary card is recognized as an extension of the principal account, and as
such, is treated as part of the same account.
9. The Promo may not be availed in conjunction with other ongoing Two Seasons Boracay offers and
promotions. Senior Citizen discount is not applicable in this promo.
10. The discount is not convertible to cash/item.
11. The discount is applicable to one cardholder, per visit only. Two Seasons Boracay reserves the right to
refuse applying the discount if the cardholder does not adhere to the promo mechanics. Should it be
proven that the cardholder was able to avail of the discount without adhering to the above mechanics,
the actual value of the discount will be charged by MCC to the cardholder’s credit card account.
12. The use of the Metrobank Card in connection with the Promo is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance of Metrobank Credit Cards.

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